Thesis vs Genesis 2014 – Which is the Best For You?

Thesis and Genesis is not new words for webmaster. Both are SEO friendly WordPress theme framework. Thesis and Genesis both themes are most popular WordPress themes. You can see most popular themes chart on Thesis theme is developed by DIY group and genesis made by Studio press, both themes is premium WordPress themes. Today I will discuss Thesis vs Genesis 2014 features comparison for new version.

I am WordPress themes developer and Thesis and Genesis both is my favorite themes. When it comes to SEO friendly framework, there is competition matter for Genesis and Thesis. Even though it we will compare with few feature.

Thesis and Genesis both themes are running out from last 4 years. Both themes are updated many times in 4 years journey. Right now Thesis running out 2.0 version and Genesis is also running with 2.0 version.  Here I explain both themes features and capability.

Thesis vs Genesis 2014: What is New?

First we going to discussed about Thesis 2.0. Before this version Thesis was run out on 1.8.5 version. DIY was upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to improve features and capability. New Thesis 2.0 has many new features like Skin, boxes and site tools. Thesis skin is work as child theme like Genesis child themes.

After Thesis we are comes on Genesis Framework. It is popular WordPress framework by Studio press. Recently the new version was rolling out. Now Genesis 2.0 is ready to build you business website. Studiopress added many new feature and useful function in Genesis 2.0 version. Studiopress has launching many new child themes for Genesis 2.0. It is reduce 50% loading time and make 100% mobile responsive. New Genesis Framework is easy to use and I recommended to beginner.

Themes Setting
Genesis and Thesis both themes offer lot of option for setting, including SEO, Index No index, post excerpt, grid post on homepage and custom page template. Thesis themes have more option for setting but it is hard for beginner. Thesis 1.8.5 version is easy and also I recommended to every blogger but latest Thesis 2.0 is very hard to understand for beginner. Genesis themes include breadcrumb without plugin. You can set breadcrumb for your select pages. Genesis new and old both versions are best for beginner. There’s not difficult, I recommended to beginners.

Themes Customization

We going to compare customization feature there are no comparison. Both frameworks have custom hooks and custom css features. If you are beginner and don’t know more about themes customization, you can use its plugin. Both themes framework support custom hooks WordPress plugin. Thesis 2.0 is hard to customization in some way. Genesis is easy to customization. If you are developer you can customize Thesis with skin feature and Genesis framework with child themes.

Themes Price
Now we come on main point which is very important for beginner. Thesis and Genesis both themes are premium WordPress themes. Studiopress has offer Genesis framework for 59.95 $ one times. You will be able to get life time upgrade and support. You can use on unlimited website. If you want child themes for Genesis, you can also buy at 50-60$. You also can choose Genesis Pro plan at 349$, which include Genesis framework and child themes.

thesis vs genesis 2014

Get Genesis Framework

Thesis themes is expensive for beginner because its available at 87$ with one year free upgrade. There are also two others plan, professional and basic plus. You get 2 free designed skins for Thesis 2.0 with Profession and basic plus. You can see plans chart below.

thesis vs genesis 2014

Get Thesis Framework


Thesis vs Genesis 2014: Which is best For You?

Thesis and Genesis is killer Seo optimized themes. Both themes are very popular and also used buy millions of customers. Both companies offer 100% support on forum and mail. Thesis theme is best for SEO and custom page template, but it is useful only for developers because it is very hard to customization. If you are developer or expert of thesis, you should be go with Thesis frameworks. Genesis theme is easy to customization.  Also offer many child themes collection which is allowed you to design your website.

Genesis Framework price is reasonable. But there are you needed one child themes. If you are beginner and don’t know more about customization and designing that Genesis is best for you. Howsimpler is also running on Genesis framework.

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