Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners : You should install

WordPress is best blogging platform for beginner. It is most popular content management system. As per last survey 65% blogger use wordpress in beginning of blogging career. WordPress is SEO friendly blogging platform. It has largest collection of readymade themes, plugin and widget. And its plugin will help to make your blog more powerful without more knowledge.

If you are using, you not need to install plugin, most useful plugin has already installed there. But if you are thinking to make blog on your own hosting, there you’ll need to install your choices plugin. If you are beginner with wordpress that I am sure that you are confusing when install plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins For BeginnersMost beginner webmaster doesn’t know which the best plugin for them. So they install unknown plugin without more knowledge. Unknown plugin may cause problem in many ways, like as low responsibility, loading time, Security etc. So today I have brought for you the best WordPress plugins for beginners.

Best WordPress Plugins For Beginners


Most of beginner has one common question, I get many spam comment what I do? If you are one of them, Akismet is best plugin for you. It is automatically detect spam comment and trackback and remove them from your blog. Millions of blogger and webmaster use akismet on their blog.

WordPress Akismet plugin is easy to manage there are no required more knowledge. After installation you need to an API Key. You need to register at akismet to get API key. Once you set up this plugin no need to check its work automatically. I recommended this plugin for your blog. Howsimpler also used Akismet.

» Download Akismet

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps is useful plugin to ping search engine about your new content. When you add new post this plugin ping and request to major search engine to index. Google has recommended submitting sitemap on webmaster tools. And this plugin will help you to do that. Its generate sitemap for you.

New post automatically includes in sitemap, priority setting, background process and many other settings facility will make your work easily. Many XML sitemap generator plugins available on, all are work on their own way. I used Google Xml sitemap plugin by Arne Brachhold. Its have very useful feature better than other. Most of blogger used this plugin on their website.

» Download Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

WP Super cache

My site is not loading fast. This is common problem of beginner. When you are using more plugin and more designed & animation it’s may increase you sites loading time. Unknown plugin may causes for loading problem. More JavaScript and CSS style sheet may increase you site’s load time. WP Super cache is fixing problem.  its cache these file and make your blog speedy.  Also many plugins available for caching but WP Super cache is easy to use so I recommended for blog. And especially matter that WP Super cache is easy to set up and very fast.

» Download WP Super cache

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Search Engine friendly website is dream of every blogger. Beginner blogger doesn’t know about SEO. So he can’t get ranking on search engine. If you are beginner and new on SEO, that this WordPress SEO plugin will make your website SEO friendly. However many of SEO expert use this plugin on their own blog.

It is allowed to add Meta description and keyword to your post. Google has recommended Meta detail in SEO Guide for Beginners Webmaster. WordPress SEO also have many useful features like xml sitemap, social open graph and Google authority. I strongly recommended WordPress SEO plugin.

» Download WordPress SEO by Yoast

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Shareaholic | share buttons & related posts

Shareholic is best plugin to share your content on various social networking sites. It’s added like and share button below and above your content so reader easily can share your content in single click. Its related post widget is also useful to increase page views.

You can also track your blog social activity with Shareholic, including popular pages on your website, referral channels and many more.  Especially feature is that shareholic doesn’t use JavaScript or more designing so it is more fast and secure. Shareholic like and share button is very cool and attractive. I also use this plugin on many blogs.  I also recommended this plugin to every blogger.

» Download Shareaholic

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